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Commit to extraordinary

Our experience is that “extraordinary” is achieved on the back of deep, personal commitment. Not loud, public statements but quiet, powerful, personal, private commitment – a binding contract with self. When you commit to an Ironmind Crucible, you are not just committing your hard-earned money, you are also committing resources we deem much more important; your time, your energy and your effort. Therefore to lay the best possible foundation for the powerful process ahead and achieve the best possible outcome from your resources we ask you to make certain commitments to yourself.

Commitment is a foundational piece of taking action and deep learning. Two things we are very interested in for you. Therefore you cannot move any further in your Ironmind Crucible journey without fully committing yourself.


  • I commit to taking full responsibility for everything within my control on my journey (from today) to the start line of, and during my Ironmind Crucible. I will self govern, I will self regulate, I will be self accountable.
  • I commit to embodying values that are integral and empowering to me on my journey to, and during my Ironmind Crucible. If I fall, I will rise, stand tall and l continue to move forward with a quite yet determined purpose to better myself.
  • I commit to working in accordance with the Ironmind Crucible Training Program and endeavour to adhere to its demands to the highest standards I can achieve on each day.
  • I commit to holding myself to a higher standard each day as I prepare for my Crucible experience, self – analysing my behaviour through a filter of brutal honesty.
  • I commit to turning my lens on myself first and foremost and when I encounter the inevitable resistance that comes with pushing one’s physical & mental capacities. I will do my best to identify my resistance and to step into it.


  • We commit to taking full responsibility for everything within our control in achieving the impactful outcome we know an Ironmind Crucible can have for you.
  • We commit to fighting with our heart and soul to hold positional integrity of our virtues no matter what we are faced with during our journey to fulfill your Ironmind Crucible experience.
  • We commit to putting in the work to insure your commitment and investment in your Ironmind Crucible adds substantially and meaningful to your experience of the rest of your life.
  • We commit to relentlessly asking ourselves the difficult, uncomfortable questions to make everything we do better so that your Ironmind Institute experience and Crucible can be everything we can possibly deliver.
  • We commit to never hiding in the easy, comfortable, undemanding ways sought by our mind and consistently positioning ourselves within meaningful challenge so that whatever service we present to the world will be a beneficiary of how we think, act and are, everyday.
  • We do not offer our commitments lightly or ask you to give yours without consideration. Within these commits lies incredible empowerment and they will serve you in three ways.

1. As a personal contract with yourself.

  • Helping you to learn & deepen your self accountability.
  • Helping you to self-govern more effectively.
  • Helping you to self-govern more effectively.
  • Helping you to expand your capacities to self-regulate.

2. As a habit forming process.

  • Helping you ask yourself better questions.
  • Helping you to refine what is sustainable to you (right now) and what is not.

3. As behavioural feedback markers.

  • Helping you ask yourself better questions.
  • Helping you to self analyse your actions and discover underlying issues blocking your progression.
  • Helping you build your relationship with your internal witness.