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Misogi | \ mee – soh – gee \

Misogi is a Japanese Shinto practice of ritual purification of the body in the cold of waterfalls, rivers & sea. The concept has been popularised in Western culture to denote completing a task so challenging 1 day per year that it profondly impacts the other 364 days of the year.

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MISOGI 1 begins November 2024

What is Misogi

MISOGI: Your Gateway to Self-Mastery

MISOGI Crucible is a non-stop, 24-hour extreme physical & mental challenge where participants will undergo one of the most demanding experiences on the planet while being taught powerful mental strength models, methods and processes to control their minds in the chaos of the crucible and persevere to achieve something extraordinary.

Taking place between The Ironmind Institute training base in North Connemara and its rugged, wild and uncompromising landscape, the MISOGI Crucible is not for everyone, nor, unfortunately, are its life-altering rewards.

MISOGI Crucible is an experience of pure substance, living and breathing the beautiful truth of reality, that will shake the foundations of what you thought possible of yourself, shattering the perceptions you held about your capabilities, destroy disempowering self-beliefs and facilitating your first (fast) steps on your journey to self-mastery.


MISOGI Crucible will launch during Crucibles 2 in November 2024. Register your interest below to receive updates on the inaugural MISOGI experience, MISOGI Pioneer opportunities, extended MISOGI preparation program options and much more.