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‘You do not rise to the level of your goals, You fall to the level of your systems

~ James Clear

The Experience of a Lifetime: Train and Compete in the ‘World’s Toughest Footrace’ the Marathon des Sables with Ironmind Institute Founder and one of the World’s foremost Extreme Adventurers Damian Browne.

April 2nd – 14th 2025


Prepare Like a Professional Athlete for the Challenge of a Lifetime.

Based upon Damian Browne’s vast intellectual property in preparing some of the world’s most extreme challenges and adventures, the Ironmind Institute’s Marathon des Sables preparation program covers the full gamut of peak performance preparation; physical, psychological, emotional and technical prep. This 250 day program will be a deeply enriching learning experience in itself with the goal of positioning all team members to fully focus on doing the important thing to succeed in the Sahara – the work.

Our Marathon des Sables, or MdS for short, preparation package is a one of a kind, covering everything you need to achieve this extraordinary undertaking and more, using, until now, Damian’s private preparation methodologies, systems and processes. We believe if you had 5 years you could not find and correlate all the expertise into one place for yourself, that you will find in this program. This is literally based on hundreds of thousands of hours of experience on Damian’s behalf and it will not only prepare you to the highest standard imaginable to take on the iconic desert race but will leave you with powerful learnings that will continue to serve you in all you do after the experience.

8 Month Physical Preparedness Program.

The Key to Success.

The meat on the bone in the IMI Marathon des Sables Preparation Program is undoubtedly our physical preparedness program. There is no avoiding the fact that it is the application and adherence to this that will result in the desired outcomes for all team members in the unrelenting Sahara. Therefore we put an extraordinary focus on the quality and standards of our physical training program to ensure maximum development of all physical capacities in the timeframe available until the MdS, to position our team members to perform to their potential and profit maximally from this once in a lifetime experience. 

We offer two comprehensive training programs (8 months in duration) based on two different aspirations that we feel cover our potential team members. The first training program is entitled “The Challenger Program”, this is a GPP program (General Physical Preparedness program) for the athlete who is not a regular runner and whose goal is to finish the Marathon des Sables. 

The second training program is entitled “The Authority Program”, this is also a GPP program but focused on the requirements of a seasoned runner whose goal is to perform to their potential in the race. Both programs start on July 26th with a 7 day ‘Ready to Train’ window before starting Cycle 1 or Program 1 on August 3rd.

Note: Neither program is designed for highly experienced runners who’s aspiration is to win the race, finish in the top 50, etc. These are GPP programs, meaning they are not solely focused on maximally developing the capacities for ultra marathon running. Our Physical Preparedness Programs are designed to place our team members in peak physical and mental condition (within the parameters of the allowed timeframe) the day they step onto the start line of stage 1 of the 2025 MdS.

Aligned & Integrated Mental Preparedness Program.

Learn to Become ‘Calm in Chaos’

The jewel in the unique crown of the Ironmind Institute, our Body First Philosophy is a powerful methodology to prepare and train one’s psychology through one’s physiology. In a world of performance still misunderstanding how to train and practice mental control, the Ironmind Institute is proud to be leading the revolution with our world leading Body First Philosophy, bridging the gap and connecting the physical, psychological and emotional experience of performance. Our mental and physical preparedness programs are not separate entities, they are aligned and integrated into one another, giving our team members the substantial experience of learning powerful mental strength practices over a 8 month period.

2 Team Training Weekends.

Prepare Together.

Over two strategically chosen weekends in our physical preparedness program (Dates below) the team will spend two nights in the amazing Killary Lodge, Connemara, preparing for the challenge of the MdS . Led by Damian, the team will complete two training sessions and go through various briefings on the technical components important for race success, i.e – the Ironmind Foot Care Strategy. Food will be provided throughout the weekend by the award winning Misunderstood Heron.

Weekend 1: November 15th to 17th, 2024

Weekend 2: Feb 28th to March 2nd, 2025

IMI Morning & Evening Routines.

The success is in the preparation, so we are always looking for ways to improve the standard and quality of our physical training output and therefore the results we generate from that precious time, energy and effort. Enter our IMI morning and evening routines. These are focused and effective 15 minute blocks that will aid in positioning our body and minds to perform more proficiently in that day’s training and/or during the race itself.

Access to the Ironmind Institute App.

You will gain access to our IMI app where you will find your Physical Preparedness Programs for ease of sourcing training information and correlating your training stats.

Team Comms & 24/7 Support.

A MdS team Whatsapp group will be the communications hub for all physical and mental preparedness training information, plus logistics and 24/7 support from Damian and our team.

IMI Deep Practice Framework.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Process.

Damian will host a series of team Zoom calls where he will take everyone through his “Deep Practice Framework” an influential structure that surrounds the IMI Physical Preparedness Program and leverages the powerful drivers of vision, goals and mindset to enhance focus, quality and standards of the athletes physical training.

Logistics Support.

All meals (excluding lunch on 02/04) and logistics in Morocco (02nd and 3rd of April) are included in the Ironmind Institute Marathon des Sables package. FYI – We will slot into the official MdS logistics on the morning of the 4th until the morning of the 14th.

Transport Support.

All transport in Morocco is included in the Ironmind Institute Marathon des Sables package. FYI – We will slot into the official MdS logistics on the morning of the 4th until the morning of the 14th. 

Accommodation Support.

All hotels in Morocco (02nd and 3rd of April) are included in the Ironmind Institute Marathon des Sables package. FYI – We will slot into the official MdS logistics on the morning of the 4th until the morning of the 14th. 

Please Note: Due to circumstances out of our control, flights to and from Morocco cannot be included in our MdS package.

The 4 Controllables Method Online Learning Course.

Control the Moment, Master your Mind.

The 4 Controllables Method is a revolutionary training practice leading to deep transformational shifts in patterns of thinking, acting and being. A groundbreaking approach to mental training & preparation, The 4 Controllables Method leverages the power of the present moment, accessed through self-awareness and concentration to strengthen self control, break through limiting beliefs and forge an iron mind of mental strength & resilience.

Aligning with the principles of neuroplasticity, The 4 Controllables Method holds the incredible capacity to  re-engineer the hardware of your brain, through the software of experience. In this groundbreaking training program, we learn to understand, train and control our mind and how it functions, through the effects of exposure to our physical performance edges.

Note: We will be learning and practising the 4 Controllables method throughout our Marathon des Sables training program in preparation for the immense challenge in April 2025. This course will give all team members vast resource to explore, learn and reference throughout preparation and beyond.

IMI Technical Preparation.

Sweat the Details.

Success is not a simple equation during extreme expeditions. In the cauldron of performance there are many things that can go wrong and sabotage an athlete’s dreams of triumph. However our Ironmind team can rest easy with one of the most forward thinking and experienced adventure athletes on the planet leading them. With literally hundreds of thousands of hours spent preparing for and partaking in extreme expeditions, including the 2016 Marathon des Sables, Damian brings immense intellectual property to the team to mitigate against any holes in a team member’s knowledge or errors in decision making. Over the course of the full preparation program, Damian will share his experience and processes on – Nutrition (Meals, Snacks and Supplementation for the desert) the IMI Foot Care Strategy (keeping you well away from the dreaded Doc Trotters) Footwear Safeguarding (Cobbling gaiters and where), Sleeping Options (ground mats, sleeping bags and pillows) and Cooking options.

Note: Each team member will receive a WAA-Ultra Marathon Des Sables rucksack.

2025 Marathon Des Sables Superior Race Registration.

The World’s Toughest Footrace.

Included in your Ironmind Institute Marathon des Sables package is your registration for the Marathon des Sables. In alignment with the standards and quality of the Ironmind Institute’s package content, we have chosen the race organisers “Superior” Offer – ‘race registration with 2 nights at the Berbère Palace in Ouarzazate, a high class hotel.’

Note: The cost of this offer is €4090 (for the 1st 500 registrants) which is included in our package costs.

Ironmind Institute Marathon des Sables Package Costs

Pay in Full – €8497

Pay in 6 Monthly Instalments – €8997 (6 x €1499.50)

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